Moving to Waterloo, Ontario just got a whole lot easier.

About 75 km west of Toronto, on the edge of the Grand River is Waterloo: a town of approx. 100,000 people from varying backgrounds and influences. Known as the “Silicon Valley of the North”, Waterloo boasts such tech giants as Blackberry, Open Text, Google and the Perimeter Institute, all eager to discover and recruit the renowned mathematics and engineering talent emerging from the University of Waterloo. Paradoxically, Waterloo is surrounded on all sides by farms originally settled (and still owned) by old order Mennonites who are often seen on the streets of Waterloo in their horse-drawn buggies. Here in Waterloo, the 22nd century and the 19th century intersect.

Every year, more and more people decide to call Waterloo home and make the big move to our town. Some move here to attend university, then land a dream job at one of our businesses and settle here for good. Others relocate to Waterloo for a job at Blackberry, Sunlife, Manulife, or OpenText. Your reason for moving to Waterloo may be employment, education or our unique ‘High Tech City meets Mayberry’ lifestyle.

At New to Waterloo, you’ll learn about our neighborhoods, schools and businesses. Here you’ll discover the right part of town to settle. And once you’re finished moving in, check back often for information on events, day to day living and nightlife.