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A Waterloo Ontario Job Recruiter on how to stand out

Cheryl Crozier, a professional job recruiter for Waterloo Ontario and surrounding areas, weighs in on how to stand out among other candidates:

Perhaps you are considering a move to Waterloo Ontario to start a new career.  Waterloo is a dynamic community full of opportunities at all levels.  Working with clients on a daily basis gives us a pretty good indication of situations – both good and bad – some companies face when trying to fill positions.  Perhaps some of my experience from the hiring side can give you some insight into interacting with perspective employers.

First of all, provide specific information and experience, including appropriate start and end dates, in your resume. In an effort to get a large volume of resumes out, candidates can create a resume that is far too generic.  This can result in having your resume disregarded for opportunities requiring a specific skill set.  As the majority of companies have a solid set of parameters to work within, when making decisions about which candidate to move forward, a detailed, chronological resume showing full descriptions of each related position you’ve held will give you an edge.  An additional note here, do not rely on a cover letter to speak to specific skills an employer is looking for.  Include all pertinent information in your resume.  Often this will require you tweaking your resume for each position you apply to.  As much as possible and without misrepresenting yourself, speak to the job description, when crafting your resume to send to an open position.

Do engage recruiting consultants for your search!  There is huge benefit for candidates pursuing a role  (using a search consultant) especially if you have a unique skill set to offer such as second language, or if you have a good education behind you and you are looking for your first great position.  It is also much easier for a recruiting firm to conduct a search confidentially, on your behalf.  This is especially helpful if your current employer does not know you are looking to make a move.    Thirdly, search firms often have access to roles that are not posted publicly.  Search firms have some very loyal clients, who rely solely on their recruiting consultant to fill a position.  These companies will engage their recruiting consultant on fairly high level roles that will never be seen on Workopolis or Indeed.

Finally, do not discount the benefit of social media on the professional level.  LinkedIn is a valuable tool in any candidate’s job search.  It is a great way to be found by prospective employers.  Ensure your profile is filled out to the best of your ability, including your resume and a photo of you looking professional; no beach or Christmas party shots here.  Your LinkedIn profile may be the first and only chance you get to make a great first impression.

Waterloo Ontario native Cheryl Crozier is a professional job recruiter for Elby, and an ongoing contributor for New to Waterloo.

Waterloo Ontario job recruiter Cheryl Crozier.

Cheryl Crozier is a job recruiter for Elby Professional Recruitment.  Cheryl specializes in the recruitment of bilingual roles as well as Logistics and IT positions.  A native of Waterloo (and a University of Waterloo alum), Cheryl is happy to answer any questions you may have. You can reach her at cheryl.crozier@elby.ca or 519.279.1753.

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