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The Best Schools In Waterloo Ontario

How To Find The Best Schools In Waterloo, Ontario.

There are many schools in Waterloo, Ontario and there are many different criteria that parents have when sifting through the schools in Waterloo, Ontario in order to zero in on one where they will take their kids. Many home buyers agree that the school is their first consideration when choosing a neighbourhood to live in.

The factors below can be of great help in enabling you to narrow down your options to just one or two schools in Waterloo, Ontario.

Do You Prefer Public Or Private Schools In Waterloo, Ontario?

There are parents who feel very strongly about private schools or public schools and prefer one kind over the other. Where do you fall?

Your search for a school for your kids should put into consideration your preference as well as your ability to foot the costs that come with that preference. Your quest should only begin when you have decided one way or the other on this matter.

How Close Are The Schools In Waterloo, Ontario To Your Home?

A very important consideration when weighing schoos in Waterloo is to look at their location relative to where you live. It is good for you and your kids if you select a school that is very close to home so that the commute is short, and they are able to socialize with people from their Waterloo neighborhood at school.

You should therefore narrow down your options to those schools that are located near your home, and then use other factors to further reduce the schools still on your list.

What Is The Academic Standard Of The Schools In Waterloo, Ontario?

From your shortlist of schools that are close to where you live, look at their academic standard and arrange them from top to bottom on the basis of your findings.

Education authorities try to keep standards uniform but there may be subtle differences so search online for local information ask neighbors, talk to a member of the PTA and arrange a tour of the school so that you get firsthand information to help you decide how good each school is.

When you have gathered this information, you will be able to remove one or two schools in Waterloo, Ontario from your now shortening list.

What Other Features are Available In Those Schools In Waterloo, Ontario?

Schools in Waterloo offer a variety of language and child care options for families. There are schools that are entirely French speaking, English school with a French Immersion curriculum and English speaking only schools. The Waterloo Catholic District School Board has several schools in Waterloo, Ontario that offer a Catholic faith component. Further, many schools in Waterloo offer onsite child care for children who need to be dropped off early or picked up late to accommodate their parents’ work schedules. Visit our website ( for a map and directory of schools in Waterloo, Ontario and their academic rankings, language curriculum and child care.

Summing it up…

When it comes to Waterloo, Ontario schools you have many options to select from. Do your homework well and consult anyone you think will give you some insights into how to best make your final decision.

You are better off taking some time before deciding rather than making a decision in a hurry and then having to reverse it a few months later.

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