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Cross Fit Training in Waterloo Ontario

Cross Fit Training seems to be popping up everywhere, with more and more gyms in Waterloo Ontario offering these high intensity workouts. But can an average person handle Cross Fit? Are the results superior to other work outs? New to Waterloo Active Living Expert Carly Peister shares her professional opinion.

“Growing up, I was always playing sports and trying to keep up with my older brother. Because of him I played ice hockey instead of ringette, I tried power skating rather than figure skating and I played soccer at school in my beautiful sundress my mother dressed me in in the mornings…but always came home muddy because I just HAD to slide to make that game-changing kick! That being said, if I recall correctly my brother did get signed up for tap-dance one year with me!

From my experience, lots of kids in Waterloo, and for that matter around the world, grow up with the ability to participate in both team and individual sports. The things that make sports so fun growing up are the friends you make, the challenges you face and the lessons you learn about character and self-pride.  CrossFit has the same social aspects, challenges and lessons as childhood sports teams.

Coach Greg Glassman developed CrossFit, with the intention of creating a program to help athletes train their bodies for strength, stamina and endurance…all at the same time. Traditional workouts for avid gym go-ers usually consist of leg-day or arm-day. This type of exercise, believe it or not, is actually considered to be bodybuilding. Even though most of us don’t look like a typical stereotype bodybuilder, by focusing on one muscle group each workout, we inflate our muscles, create micro-tears, and hope for a gain in muscle mass as those muscle repair.

Waterloo Ontario fitness enthusiasts make a human chain for their push up set.

Crossfit trainers in Waterloo Ontario create a centipede while doing a set of pushups.

The training involved with CrossFit is completely different. CrossFit uses full-body functional movements, such as a clean-and-press, performed at a high intensity for a short bursts of time. Coach Greg Glassman believes this type of workout is what optimizes an individual’s fitness, burns the most fat and creates the leanest muscle possible.

A CrossFit workout does not only improve your fitness, it introduces you to other “crossfiters”, which really is its own niche. People who are involved in a CrossFit gym tend to do much more than workout together – they go for dinner and fun outings, they participate in competitions together and they travel to try the newest and greatest challenge.

All in all, the new hype about CrossFit really is ambiguous to people who aren’t in the CrossFit circle. But this much is clear, if you are bored doing the same workouts as always at the gym with the same people, go and give it a try. You are guaranteed to get a great workout in!”

Carly Peister is New to Waterloo's Active Living contributor.

Carly Peister is New to Waterloo’s Active Living contributor.

Some places that offer CrossFit (or CrossFit-like Training) in Waterloo are:

World Gym, Waterloo

CrossFit Waterloo

CrossFit Kitchener

Limitless, Kitchener

Redline, Kitchener

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