Elmira, Ontario

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Honoring The Past And Building The Future

Moving to Ontario? Don’t forget to check out the adorable town known as Elmira. There is just something about this charming, quaint town that draws the masses each year. It remains the largest community in the Woolwich Township, despite having a reported population of fewer than 10,000 residents. Yet, its smallish size and strong Mennonite roots are exactly what makes it so appealing.

Elmira was founded in the 1850s by German settlers and it has held tight to the Pennsylvania-Dutch culture. Every summer, farm stands pop up on the sides of the roads and all of the produce sold is locally grown, as there is plenty of land for growing. People in search of Waterloo tech jobs have been moving in for several years now, but the biggest influx in population occurs once per year, when people from all over the country attend the Maple Syrup Festival. The town bursts at the seams as 60,000 people descend on the area to sample the products crafted in the region. Of those that visit, a few will find their way back to seek out Waterloo rentals and houses for sale. Waterloo region just has a way of drawing people in.

Elmira, in particular, is a desirable place to live. This is in great part due to the excellent school system. John Mahood, Riverside, and Park Manor Public Schools provide outstanding educational opportunities. Elmira District Secondary school is also very well known. Children from many surrounding areas – St. Jacobs, West Montrose, Heidelberg, and Drayton, for instance – are sent for schooling at this facility and many of those kids stick around after the school day is over to be part of the sporting venues at the Woolwich Memorial Centre.

The Woolwich Memorial Centre is a sports facility that caters to the young and old alike. NHL-sized ice rinks, pools, a fitness centre, and indoor track provide areas for kids and adults to compete in their favorite sports, or simply to stay active when winter falls on the Region of Waterloo. Jobs, great housing, wonderful schooling, and ample activities will undoubtedly lead to continued growth in this area of Canada. Soon, you will be a part of it all.

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