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Living In Waterloo Ontario: Waterloo Park

Those living in Waterloo Ontario are lucky to have Waterloo Park as a place where they can go and have some family fun or  quiet time alone when the need arises.

Whether you are new in the area or have been living in Waterloo Ontario all your life, Waterloo Park should be a significant feature of your downtime. (For those who are new to the area, you can start here for lots of information about aspects like moving to Waterloo).

What amenities are available at Waterloo Park? Read on and see how living in Waterloo will be enhanced by what is available at this park.

Event and Picnic Areas.

Since the park sits on more than 110 acres, there is plenty of room to have a picnic with just your partner, or with your entire extended family if the idea appeals to you.

If what you are interested in is holding an event such as your wedding or a class reunion, Waterloo Park is just the place for you as its expansiveness can accommodate all nature of events. It is easy to rent part of the park for your next event. The City of Waterloo’s website allows you to check availability and reserve your space online.

Sports Facilities.

For the more active ones, there are sports facilities that can be rented. You can enjoy soccer, baseball, rugby and cricket at Waterloo Park. Why not organize a team building soccer match for your company? Waterloo Park will suit your needs very well. Waterloo has plenty of exciting events for you and your family designed to keep you happy, healthy and enjoying the beautiful outdoors.

Waterloo Park is also home to Lions Lagoon, a free splash park for the kids. Pack a picnic lunch and your beach towels on a hot summer day and head to Lions Lagoon to cool down (but don’t forget your water shoes since the splash pad can get slippery).

Lions Lagoon Splash Pad at Waterloo Park

Waterloo Heritage.

If you are just moving into Waterloo, Ontario then you may not know how this city came to be. Even some who have been around for a while don’t know all the details of the founding of this wonderful city.

Believe it or not, your  education on this matter actually begins with a visit Waterloo Park.  Here you’ll find two of our city’s most beloved landmarks: a replica of Waterloo’s very first schoolhouse as well as a replica of the 1818 grist mill of Abraham Erb.

At Waterloo Park, you will be treated to the fascinating history of Waterloo , surrounded by the lovely setting of this well manicured and lovely park.

Victorian Gardens.

You have not seen magnificent flowerbeds and gazebos until you have been to the Victorian Gardens at Waterloo Park. They are award-winning and you will see heritage perennials, pergolas and a lot more. Waterloo Park’s gardens (which are maintained largely by dedicated volunteers) are a popular backdrop for wedding photos and family portraits.

Petting Zoo.

Waterloo Park is home to a petting zoo that is open year round. You’ll enjoy seeing and feeding several animals including donkeys, alpacas, bunnies and peacocks. The petting zoo is a popular feature for families with small children.

Special Events.

From time to time, there are many Waterloo events that are held at Waterloo Park. These include music concerts, outdoor movies under the stars, as well as an elaborate holiday light display called “Wonders of Winter”, which you can enjoy in a horse drawn carriage while sipping hot chocolate. You’ll definitely want to get these events on your calendar.

Summing it up…

Living in Waterloo Ontario will be a more enjoyable experience if you can learn how to make places like Waterloo Park a feature of your free time.


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