New to Waterloo: Cherry Popsicles, Smiles and One Humongous Card

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New to Waterloo: Cherry Popsicles, Smiles and One Humongous Card

With National Cherry Popsicle Day almost upon us (August 26th…it comes earlier every year, doesn’t it?) New to Waterloo is celebrating with some special residents of Kitchener Waterloo, Ontario. We’ll be delivering cherry popsicles to the kids with cancer at Grand River Hospital near Uptown Waterloo. For those of you who are New to Waterloo, The Children’s Cancer Clinic at Grand River Hospital works in Partnership with Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto and Children’s Hospital of Western Ontario to provide specialized care for patients closer to home, including chemotherapy and transfusions (If you’d like to get right to business and sign the get well card, feel free to post a comment at the end of this post.)

New to Waterloo reached out to John Lougheed, spiritual care provider and Brenda Smallwood in Child Life at Grand River Hospital with our offer: to bring cherry popsicles to the kids currently at Grand River receiving chemotherapy or other cancer services. Grand River was delighted with the offer, and after receiving the necessary medical approval, they granted permission to bring the popsicles. While many organizations remember the kids during the holidays, it’s easy to forget the kids who are receiving treatment all year round. And nothing’s better on a hot day (and feels better when you’re sick) than a popsicle.

We also wanted to include a whopper of Get Well Card, packed with love and best wishes from the awesome community of ¬†Kitchener Waterloo, Ontario. So here’s where you come in:

  1. Add your name to the comments section in the post, or like the photo of the cherry popsicle on New to Waterloo’s Facebook page.
  2. We’ll add your name to the get well card.
  3. Then we’ll print out a five foot poster of a popsicle with all of the names that we collected and the message: “Look at everyone in Kitchener Waterloo/who want you to know that we’re thinking of you! Feel Better Soon!”
  4. We’ll be delivering the popsicles and the card to Grand River Hospital on Tuesday morning, August 26th.

We only have until August 25th to pull this off. How many names do you think we’ll get?

For more information on Waterloo, our lifestyle and events, follow New to Waterloo on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

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