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Relocating To Waterloo Ontario: Work Visas

Relocating to Waterloo Ontario has become a popular option for many people outside Canada because Waterloo has many multinational companies that employ people from all over the world.

What does it take to get a Canadian work visa? This post looks at a summary of what you need when relocating to Waterloo Ontario from outside Canadian borders.

  1. Find A Suitable Vacancy.

While many international companies pursue and hire workers who are relocating to Waterloo Ontario,  not all jobs can be filled by foreigners. Your first task therefore is to find one that is open to foreigners. You should work with your future employer to get proof of positive market opinion to confirm that the job is open to foreigners.

  1. Establish Whether You Will Need Temporary Visas.

Depending on the job that has you relocating to Waterloo Ontario, you may have to submit your passport in order to get a temporary resident visa. You need to get all the information on what will be required so that all processes can be kicked off at the same time to quicken the entire process.

  1. Confirm What The Specific Requirements For Getting The Work Visa Are.

You may need a letter offering you a job. You may also need to undergo a medical exam in addition to a background check. There is a lot of information and documents that you may need to furnish the authorities with so that they process your application. Identify what these are and avail them.

Your prospective employer, as well as the visa office or website can be of great use in clarifying what requirements you need to meet.

  1. Apply For The Temporary Work Visa.

You can visit the nearest Canadian visa office near you and get all the forms or download them from the immigration website, fill them out and submit them after paying all the necessary fees.

As you submit those forms, inquire as to how long the process will take and keep the visa office informed about any changes that come up and may affect the process. These include change of address, change of marital status, change of name, and so on.

  1. Wait.

This is the part that some people find very difficult. They want the work visa immediately and keep pacing the corridors of the visa office on a daily basis. If you submitted all your papers and everything was in order, just be patient and wait to be contacted within the time you were told to expect a communication from the visa office.

As you wait, you can keep yourself busy by learning more about your move to Waterloo, our events and our lifestyle. You’ll also want to research the best neighbourhood in Waterloo for you to settle.

Summing it up…

With so many exciting companies growing in Waterloo at companies like Open Text, Blackberry, Google and the Perimeter Institute, work opportunities here are very attractive to talented people regardless of where they live.

Remember, the company that wants to hire you will also provide assistance to you during this process.

Depending on where you are applying from, the wait time, applicable fees and the requirements may vary. Be sure you have done your part as per the requirements you were told. By reading all the information you find here it will be very easy to settle in once your paperwork is in order.

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