5 Questions Before Renting in Neighbourhoods in Waterloo Ontario

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5 Questions Before Renting in Neighbourhoods in Waterloo Ontario

If you plan on relocating to Waterloo Ontario, chances are high that you will first rent a place to stay before you buy a home. As you look at different places before renting in neighborhoods in Waterloo Ontario, ask the prospective landlords the following five questions before deciding which particular house or apartment to rent.

Does The Rent Cover Utilities?

Some landlords in neighbourhoods in Waterloo Ontario ask tenants to pay a single fee that includes rent as well as utilities like gas. However, you should not assume that the same applies to the prospective landlord you are talking to.

Ask them this question and if the utilities are not part of the rent, ask them to specify which utilities are available and what average cost per month tenants have been paying for them.

What Lease Type Is Required?

The prospective landlord should explain to you the kind of lease they require. Know the duration, terms of renewing it if it expires, conditions under which you can terminate it, and so on. Knowing these details will help you to decide if that is the right place to rent in all the neighbourhoods in Waterloo Ontario.

Who Takes Care Of Property Maintenance?

Depending on the agreement signed, maintenance of the property can be the duty of the tenant or the landlord. In order to clear up any grey areas on this matter, ask the prospective landlord to categorically spell out who will take care of what aspects of maintenance such as mowing the lawn, and ensure that such information is documented in the tenancy agreement or lease.

Such information helps to clarify how a tenant can proceed should emergency repairs be required, as another post here spelled out.

What Policy Governs Smoking Or Pets?

Some landlords don’t allow pets on their premises, while others restrict smoking in the premises. When you ask this question, you will know whether you can have your pets with you, or whether you should keep them with friends.

If smoking is prohibited and you are a smoker, you may have to look around for landlords who will accommodate your habit before relocating to Waterloo Ontario.

For premises where pets are allowed, it is important to know what is expected of you as you are leaving the premises, such as bringing in professional cleaners.

Is Parking Available?

Ask the landlord if parking space is available on the property and what measures are available for parking facilities for visitors, including overnight visitors.

In case parking attracts an additional cost, the landlord should let you know in advance so that you factor it in as you are calculating the total cost of your rent.

Wrapping it up…

Getting the best place to rent depends on how well you ask relevant questions as you search for rentals. The questions above are just a starting point so feel free to add others that address your specific needs regarding rentals in neighbourhoods in Waterloo Ontario. You can read more on the experiences of other new residents in Ontario and learn from the information shared on the topic.

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