Waterloo Renting

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Renting a place to live in Waterloo Ontario is a popular choice for many of our residents. Whether you’re a student looking to sublet, or you’re a young professional looking to live in an upscale loft, there are plenty of properties to rent in Waterloo.

Many university students find basement apartments the perfect place to live and study. There’s also scores of renovated houses around the university that are home to four or five university students under one roof. Of course, there’s plenty of apartment towers within walking distance to campus for students looking for a more traditional apartment setting to live in.

Other Waterloo rentals are available for non-students, including homes for rent (popular among young couples). Young families who want to live in a house but aren’t quite ready to buy, find rent-to-own properties good compromise.

Most of Waterloo’s growth in the past five years has been vertical, as more and more towers are built in our city. The towers offer a different kind of lifestyle to their renters. Many renters forego a car, and rely instead of walking, biking and mass transit. These renters love being in the heart of the city, with the best restaurants and night life close by.

With so many choices available, renters can easily find the perfect home for rent in Waterloo.

With so many options for renters in Waterloo, you’ll probably have a lot of questions. To inquire with specific questions about condo living in Waterloo, or about a specific property, contact debbie@newtowaterloo.com and I’ll be happy to help.

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