St. Jacobs, Ontario

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Ontario’s Favourite Rural Destination

Set on the gorgeous Conestogo River, St. Jacobs has to be one of the most beautiful towns of the Waterloo region. Though it may not be the first place that people moving to Ontario visit, its charm regularly wins over newcomers. The river, at its centre, was once the power source for the town gristmill. The grain processing plant played a big part in the town’s growth after it was first settled in 1820. Though the mill is no longer in operation, the village has managed to continue prospering, with a commercial centre that is home to more than 100 businesses in the region of Waterloo. Jobs, in the retail field, are regularly available to new residents of the area, who aren’t seeking Waterloo tech jobs. Many businesses are longstanding in this region, including Home Hardware, founded and operated in St. Jacobs, which is now a national chain, with more than 1,000 branches.

The strength of this commercial centre is responsible for the continued growth in population. Though the last census still listed fewer than 2,000 residents, more and more are finding this a place to call home. There are plenty of Waterloo rentals and houses for sale. Waterloo region is growing as a whole and the marketplace, known as St. Jacobs Country, remains one of the favorite attractions. A highlight of the town of St. Jacobs, this marketplace houses hundreds vendors selling farm fresh produce, as well as dairy and meat products, along with baked goods. Crafters are also regular sellers at St. Jacobs Country, though some have to be relocated after the marketplace suffered a fire in 2013. This only gave the area a good reason to create even better facilities. A project is in the works to rebuild the marketplace.

In addition to the local attractions, Niagara Falls is just an hour and a half commute from St. Jacobs and, of course, Waterloo and Kitchener are right next door. There is always something to do, a job to be found, and fun to be had in this picturesque and growing area. With a strong sense of family and tradition, it is the perfect place to raise a family, while building a career and enjoying a unique culture.

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