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Swimming Lessons for Kids Living in Waterloo Ontario

When moving to Waterloo, you have several options available to you for teaching your child to swim. Swimming is an essential life skill which can save your child’s life regardless of whether they’re living in Waterloo Ontario, or anywhere  else in the world.

Parents often will begin their children in lessons in the first year of life. These lessons involve one parent being in the water with the child the entire time while the child becomes comfortable in the pool. More formal lessons usually begin when the child is 2 to 3 years old.

Daily Lessons

Most people who have been  living in Waterloo Ontario prefer to have children take a swimming lesson every day during the summer which will help them to advance very quickly from the daily practice. Private pools like those in neighbourhoods like Beechwood offer these daily lessons. Memberships are available to people who live nearby for approximately $500 for the summer months of May to September.

The Upper Beechwood II Pool offers daily swimming lessons to its members who are living in Waterloo Ontario (via Facebook)

The City of Waterloo also offer daily swimming lessons at the Waterloo Memorial Recreation Complex for children living in Waterloo Ontario. These lessons are more affordable, and you can enroll your child in two week increments. These lessons are offered at the state of the art recreation  center in Uptown Waterloo. With two large indoor pools, a gallery for watching your child’s lessons, a warm swirl pool and a slide, the recreation center is a great option for your child to become a confident swimmer. (You’ll also probably spend a lot of the winter here too, as the center offers ice skating lessons, too).

Weekly Lessons

If you prefer to have your child take weekly swimming lessons instead of daily lessons, Waterloo has options for you as well. The Stork Family YMCA in the Laurelwood neighbourhood has weekly swimming lessons for beginners to advanced swimmers. This option is appealing to parents who work or travel during the summer and aren’t able to take their child to swimming lessons each day.

The YMCA has two large indoor pools and a swirl pool. In addition to swimming lessons for children and adults, the YMCA pools also include lane swims, public swims aqua fit classes and full access for people with disabilities. It’s also conveniently attached to the Harper Public Library, so you make sure child also has plenty to read during the summer months.

Lastly, you have the option of a private lesson for your child. There are many certified swim instructors who will give your child a lesson in a public pool. While this is more expensive, the advantage is your child having a one-on-one lesson with an instructor who is completely focused on your child. Website like Kijiji have classified ads of young adults (usually university students in Waterloo who are certified to teach swimming lessons) and are available for hire to teach private lessons.

Whichever path you choose, swimming lessons are must for most parents. Swimming lessons are a commitment, though. Often it will take a few years before your child is able to swim in a pool without close supervision. Once your child is a strong swimmer you’ll enjoy many more activities in Waterloo and throughout Canada.

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