Waterloo Hotels

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Visitors to Waterloo Ontario have choice of accommodations when visiting. Don’t think of it as choosing a hotel, think of it as choosing an experience. What suits you? A luxury hotel with 24 hour room service, or a B&B that lets you wake up to the smell of coffee and pancakes in the morning? Waterloo has both of these and more.

Travel inns are popular for visitors who want stay near the expressway and local shopping. Several famous chains have opened hotels on the outskirts of the city, allowing business travelers to work in Waterloo by day, and explore Waterloo Region at night. If hotels chains aren’t your cup of tea, Waterloo has hotels like the Huether and the Waterloo Hotel (both right in the heart of Uptown Waterloo), both built in the 19th century.

No matter which accommodation you choose, the local hospitality that Waterloo is known for will be on full display.

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