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Video Tour of Beechwood West

Tucked away in central Waterloo is Beechwood West, which offers a nice compromise between her two sister neighbourhoods:

  1. Beechwood, which is large and busy.
  2. Upper Beechwood, which can be expensive.

Inbetween is Beechwood West, with large but modest homes and expansive yards in a quieter setting, yet not far from Waterloo, Ontario events.

Residents of Beechwood West like to stay active, and represent a blend of older couples and young families. You’ll often see residents going for family bike rides or long walks through the paved walking trails. There are two community pools in Beechwood West, along with private tennis courts. There is also a baseball diamond and soccer field available.

Centrally located in Waterloo, all the city’s amenities are convenient. The Beechwood Plaza has a grocery store and health club, within walking distance. A new and popular development has recently been built, called The Village of Beechwood West, which offers lovely villas for sale.

There are no schools in Beechwood West, so public school students attend Mary Johnston Public School, offering grades 1-6 French immersion) or Holy Rosary Catholic School, offering JK-8 Catholic education in Waterloo.

Middle school students attend Centennial Middle School. High school students attend Resurrection Catholic Secondary School or Sir John A McDonald Secondary School.

Beachwood West Street View

Beechwood West Neighborhood Schools

Beachwood West Schools

Ranking School Academic Score Language Onsite Childcare Grades
9 out of 27 Holy Rosary Catholic School 7.4 English No JK-8
13 out of 27 Mary Johnston Public School 7.2 English with French Immersion No JK-6

High Schools

Ranking Name of School Academic Score Grades
2 out of 6 Sir John MacDonald Secondary School 7.5 9-12
5 out of 6 Resurrection Catholic Secondary School (Kitchener, ON) 6.5 9-12

Source: The Fraser Institute. Click here to visit their website.


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