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Video Tour of Laurelwood

Laurelwood is one of the most coveted areas for people moving to Waterloo, in part because it boasts the #2 elementary school in Kitchener-Waterloo (and one of the top 25 schools in Ontario): Laurelwood Public School. But the well-educated, high-tech professionals who are looking for homes and condos in Waterloo will get far more than just great schools. Laurelwood provides a nice balance of active living and relatively quiet streets.

Outdoor living is abundant in Laurelwood, due to its close proximity to the Laurel Creek Conservation Area. Laurel Creek will keep you outdoors all year, with its lake, beach, ample trails, wildlife and campsites. Laurelwood residents also enjoy plenty of walking trails around the neighbourhood, multiple soccer fields, playgrounds with well-kept equipment, and two community-run outdoor skating rinks.

The 1,750 homes in Laurelwood range from townhouses to single-story homes, but you will have to look elsewhere for apartments for rent in Waterloo, Ontario. Two brand new senior homes have also opened in Laurelwood offering independent and assisted living for Waterloo seniors who want to enjoy a safe neighbourhood with shopping plazas within walking distance.

There are two other schools in Laurelwood that are exceptional: St. Nicholas Catholic School and Sir John A McDonald Secondary School.

Laurelwood is also home to the Stork Family YMCA and the John M. Harper Branch of the Waterloo Public Library, a new facility offering a wide range of family and children’s services. Kitchener residents will enjoy the two swimming pools, fitness equipment, gymnasiums, and child and family programming, intended to keep you active no matter what the weather may be.

Laurelwood residents seem most proud of their very active Laurelwood Neighbourhood Association. The association organizes 12 community events per year, including a summer carnival with hot air balloon rides and outdoor movies. The association works closely with its schools, offering a weekly Friday night youth night and an Easter egg hunt for hundreds of kids each spring.

Laurelwood Street View

Laurelwood Neighborhood Schools

Laurelwood Schools

Ranking School Academic Score Language Onsite Childcare Grades
2 out of 27 Laurelwood Public School 8.2 English with French Immersion No JK-8
6 out of 27 St. Nicholas Catholic School 7.9 English Yes JK-8

High Schools

Ranking Name of School Academic Score Grades
2 out of 6 Sir John MacDonald Secondary School 7.5 9-12

Source: The Fraser Institute. Click here to visit their website.


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