Wellesley, Ontario

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est. 1812

If you are moving to Ontario, you will definitely want to consider the beautiful town of Wellesley. Located in the northwest area of Waterloo Region, it was settled in the mid-1800s and quickly grew to a population of 6,000 before the turn of the century. This growth did not stop, though it did slow. In 2011, the reported population hovered around 11,000, making Wellesley a good-size town that was neither over-crowded nor under-appreciated.Here, a person can find a number of housing options. There are always houses for sale. Waterloo region is growing by leaps and bounds, which makes all of the surrounding areas more appealing, yet there are still plenty of Waterloo rentals around Wellesley as well.

Here, a resident can enjoy a truly unique culture, with strong ties to the past. While it has not grown at the same rate as Waterloo and Kitchener, there is plenty of activity in Wellesley, where many residents still speak Deitsh, the German dialect brought to the country by their ancestors. Along with desirable Waterloo tech jobs, there are also positions in trades to be had in this area, where three quality furniture businesses still open their Wellesley doors every business day:Chervin Custom Woodworks, Hawkwoods Custom Furniture, and Homestead Woodworks.The pieces crafted at these establishments are not the only unique gifts to be purchased in town. The Waterloo region is known for producing quilts of superior quality. Made by the families who have passed the skill down for generations, these quilts can be purchased directly from the homes of Wellesley residents. Yet, many who live in the town do commute into busier region of Waterloo. Jobs are very abundant in the cities of Waterloo and Kitchener, where industrial centres thrive.

When the job is done at the end of the day, there are many social opportunities in Wellesley life, including gatherings and festivals. The most notable of these is the Apple Butter and Cheese Festival, on the last Saturday of September. This annual event includes street markets, coach rides, contests, farm tours, live music, and, of course, the wonderful tastes of the Waterloo Region.

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