Conestogo, Ontario

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est. 1852

Like much of the Waterloo region, Conestogo has strong Mennonite roots. The town has remained small and quaint since it was first being settled in the 1820s. Though the houses and businesses of Conestogo are situated at the intersection of two rivers – Grand River and Conestogo Rivers – it never became a busy metropolis. In fact, the population growth was actually very slow. The town was once known as Musselman’s Mills, but as it developed, it was eventually renamed Conestogo in 1852.  Due to the gradual development of the town, it has maintained much of its original charm, including many of the very same architectural elements seen in the early 20thcentury. Some might say that Contesogo gives the impression of going back in time, to a more enjoyable way of life.

The population in 2006 was reported to be fewer than 1,400 people, but that hasn’t stopped new retail stores from popping up. For those who aren’t looking to work at one of the Waterloo tech jobs, there are smaller mom-and-pop businesses to consider in the region of Waterloo. Jobs can vary substantially, but the slow influx of new businesses is certainly beneficial to the area. These have come to join with the longstanding establishments like the Blackforest Inn.

The Blackforest Inn is a wonderful place to enjoy fine foods and live shows. People from many of the surrounding areas come to Conestogo regularly to enjoy the Inn, as well as the Conestoga Country Club, which boasts a 27-hole golf course seated adjacent to the Grand River. As a resident of Conestogo, you could enjoy a serene lifestyle and still enjoy the benefits of city life, because it is a very short commute to the bustling Waterloo and Kitchener centres. Waterloo rentals are an option for those who want to get a better feel for the area before committing, but Conestogo could be a great fit for those moving to Ontario and who want a country lifestyle, without foregoing the benefits of a city nearby. Enjoy the many jobs and, of course, the fastest growing college in Ontario – Conestoga College – where you can learn the skills to make you a desired employee among the many tech-savvy companies.

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