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Schools in Waterloo Ontario: Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery

If you are a student in one of the schools in Waterloo Ontario you will probably visit the Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery on a class trip Even if you are not a student, when moving to Ontario, this place is one that you must visit at least once in your life.

Construction work on this gallery kicked off in 1991 and June 1993 saw the gallery open its doors to the public.

Within walking distance to the Waterloo Public Library, this national gallery displays glass, ceramic as well as enamel artwork by Canadian artists. The facility conducts tours of what is on display. They also have classes, demonstrations and lectures about various aspects of Canadian glass art.

When you visit the gift shop, most of the pieces you will find there are made by artists who have contributed their work to the museum so it is possible to find work by contemporary artists being sold in the gift shop.

When Is The Gallery Open?

From Monday through to Friday, the gallery is always opened at 11 am and it closes at 6pm. On Saturday, the gallery and museum are open from 10 am until 5pm while on Sunday it is open between 1pm to 5pm.

Admission to the gallery is absolutely free of charge so those students in schools in Waterloo Ontario that thought their allowance would be eaten into by entry tickets have no excuse to miss out on such a great place.

How Can One Learn At The Gallery?

The Clay and Glass Gallery knows that people aren’t born with a deep understanding of art so they ease visitors into the fascinating world of glass and clay art by using the exhibitions as a starting point to help people get a grasp of the language of art. The next level of learning involves taking part in the special programs organized for schools as well as after school programs.

The gallery organizes art camps as well as teen camps so that this age-group is given their own gateway into the wonderful world of glass art.

There are adult art workshops as well as “play with clay” events at which visitors get to practically do whatever they want with clay.

People living in Waterloo Ontario that have had a chance to visit the gallery several times find that their appreciation of art grows significantly to the extent that they can hold their own during a discussion of glass art.

When you visit their official site you can find listings of the special events like lectures that are scheduled to take place, and you can mark those dates on your calendar.

Summing it up…

Those for whom exquisite glass and clay artwork holds an attraction can have their hunger sated at this national gallery. Even novices will get their interest aroused so those attending schools in Waterloo Ontario shouldn’t miss this chance to interact with glass art. For other interesting activities to indulge in, this site and this blog have lots of information to get you going.

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