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Find a Family Doctor when you Move to Waterloo

Your Family Doctor (otherwise known as a primary care physician) is intended to be your point-of-entry  into the healthcare system when you have an illness or injury. Ideally, you would schedule an appointment with  your family doctor when you first start feeling unwell. Your family doctor would examine you, then prescribe treatment and tests, or refer you to a specialist. They are also the keeper of all of your medical information, lab work, test results and prescriptions.

While many residents of Waterloo choose not to bother with a family doctor and would rather visit a walk-in clinic when they get ill, this is not ideal. You will see a different doctor every time, and each visit will address one specific concern. Also, clinics don’t accept appointments and wait times can be quite long.

Finding a family doctor should be one of your first priorities when moving to Waterloo, Ontario. There are several free services that will help you locate a family doctor in Waterloo who is accepting new patients.

Keep in mind that you must be residing in Waterloo and have a valid Ontario Health Card to be accepted as a new patient.

The Ministry of Health has a service called Healthcare Connect, to help you find a suitable family doctor. You will need a valid health card and local mailing address. Call 800-445-1822 from 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday. After verifying your registration, you will be contacted by a registered nurse who will interview you .
The Region of Waterloo’s website suggests that you contact the Chamber of Commerce that has a Family Doctor Hotline: 519-749-6043.
The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario also provide a doctor search service to Ontario residents.

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