Games on Tap: Living in Waterloo Ontario Just Got a Lot More Fun

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Games on Tap: Living in Waterloo Ontario Just Got a Lot More Fun

Let’s face it: Waterloo is a tech town. There’s hardly a public restaurant or pub in town that doesn’t offer the people living in Waterloo Ontario free Wi-Fi. A visit to any local coffee shop in one of our neighbourhoods reveals many residents with their ear buds in and their eyes glued to their phone or tablet. But are there people here looking to unplug, and get in some old school face time and live conversation at their pub or coffee shop? Sean Wilson and Jeanette Menezes¬†, owners of the newly opened Games on Tap Board Game Cafe, are betting on it.

Games on Tap offers people living in Waterloo Ontario a fun place to hang out, eat, drink and play board games.

New to Waterloo themselves, Sean and Jeanette moved here from Toronto to open their cafe. Their restaurant is unlike anything else in the city. As the name implies, someone living in Waterloo Ontario can have a meal, a latte or a pint while enjoying one of the hundreds of board games the cafe has available for use.

The cafe still has its “new car smell”, and you have a choice of seating. Choose comfy leather chairs in front of the fireplace for a round of backgammon, or choose a table for ten for a round of ‘Ticket to Ride’ that could last several hours.

The wall of board games can seem overwhelming to even the best versed game enthusiast, so Sean and Jeanette have trained their staff to serve as game concierges. The staff will recommend games to you, help set up the games and even offer to play a round or two with you while you get the hang of it. The size and diversity of the collection ensure that there will be a game for every patron and every skill level. Parents will enjoy spending a rainy afternoon with their kids learning a new game. Seniors often come for lunch and play some of the classics. And the university crowd looking for something different to do on the weekend will be glad to see that Games on Tap is open until 2 am. Games on Tap has worked hard to understand and appeal to the diverse people living in Waterloo Ontario.

Sean Wilson and Jeanette Menezes are now living in Waterloo Ontario and have opened Waterloo’s first board came cafe.

The menu offers paninis, sandwiches, pastries and snacks. The restaurant wait staff will bring you more rounds or snacks, so you’ll never have to miss your turn while you’re waiting in line for a refill. Most important, Games on Tap offers an oasis for patrons looking to interact face to face, challenge their skills or enjoy the company of family and friends. Other game cafes offer video games, but Games on Tap believes in staying true to the non-electronic business model that is so appealing. Sean and Jeannette also see their business as a piazza, where customers can gather and meet like-minded people in the community. To nurture this concept, Games on Tap is sponsoring Open Gaming Nights where you can meet new people, learn a new game and earn points towards winning a prize.

Sean and Jeannette were so thrilled to be profiled on New to Waterloo, they offered a free $25 gift certificate to one of our readers. Simply share or tweet this article and you’ll be entered to win. The drawing will take place on Friday, October 3 at 12:00 pm. Games on Tap is located at 321 Weber Street North (across from Hauser Furniture and next to Wild Wings). Their website (which includes a complete directory of their games) is

And don’t forget to say hello to Sean and Jeanette and welcome them and their business to Waterloo.

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