Heidelberg, Ontario

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Heidelberg, Ontario is an old-fashioned town established with strong Mennonite roots. Named for the German city of the same name, Heidelberg was founded by many with the same ancestry. Their shared traits have been preserved through the years. In fact, one can still enjoy the site of a horse and buggy riding down the main roads. There is just one traffic light in town – a flashing light – to maintain the gentle flow of traffic. Yet, this enchanting town is just minutes from St. Jacobs Country and from the bustling City of Waterloo. Thus, a resident of Heidelberg can appreciate the quite way of life by night, but become a member of the busy industrial centre by day.

The Waterloo region is rich with industrial and technological companies, which have been hiring at increasing levels over the recent years. This is where many residents of Heidelberg and other small towns nearby make their living, working some of the many Waterloo tech jobs.Despite a mere five-minute commute, the tiny town makes a person feel far removed from the rush of city life. Here, people can enjoy home-cooked meals made with farm fresh foods, starry skies at night, and backyard gatherings on the weekends.

Heidelberg may not be a metropolis, but it does provide a quiet comfort and calm, acting as home to the Olde Heidelberg Tavern and Motel. This restaurant was established in 1860 as a stage coach stop. Most popular meal choices include ribs, smoked pork, sausage, and schnitzel. The accompanying pub was the first licensed in the Waterloo region. It remains a low-key establishment serving a wide variety of beers and liquors, while providing light entertainment in the form of shuffleboard, pool, and Honky Tonk music. Quaint rooms are also available at the motel.

How does a modern town continue to boast such Old World charm? The population in Heidelberg has remained very small. There were fewer than 500 residents as of the last Canadian census. These people occupied fewer than 150 private homes, which means that you won’t find too many houses for sale. Waterloo region has been growing, however, and new construction in the town of Heidelberg might be an option for those desiring a slow-paced, enjoyable lifestyle that many welcome in an era of fast-paced communication and travel. If you are moving to Ontario, and you are seeking a peaceful way of life, then Heidelberg may just be the perfect fit.

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