Kitchener, Ontario

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Ex Industria Prosperitas

When moving to Ontario, there are two cities that generally catch the eye right away. The first is Waterloo and the second is Kitchener. The two are closely tied and offer the greatest assortment of Waterloo tech jobs; however, many consider Kitchener to be the more charming of two.

The history of this city can be traced back to the late 18th century and by the start of the 19th century, the first official establishments had been erected. In fact, one of the earliest homes, which belonged to a family called Schneider, dates back to 1816, and it still stands at the centre of the city. It now serves as a museum, educating many people about the history of the region, and offering those interested more knowledge aboutWaterloo rentals and houses for sale. Waterloo and Kitchener have seen very steady growth in recent years, which can all be traced back to those earliest families, but the area did not always prosper so. During the First World War, tensions mounted, and the city, once known as Berlin, was forced to change its name to Kitchener. There was a definite lull in expansion during those years. Yet, today Kitchener is the largest city in the Grand River watershed. The last census reported a population topping 233,000 residents.

The people who live and work in this region enjoy four definite seasons. The beauty of summer is enjoyed from May through October, and following close behind it, there is the season of snowflakes, ice skating, and skiing. Winter lasts from late November to early March in this area. Throughout these seasons, business prospers in the region. Of Waterloo jobs, a large percentage are technology based today, but Kitchener’s economic history was strongly based in manufacturing – an industry that continues to do well in this portion of Ontario. Four industrial areas still compete in Kitchener — Bridgeport Business Park, Grand River West Business Park, Huron Business Park, and Lancaster Corporate Centre. Given these successes, there is little wonder why city officials want to continue improving the area, so they canattract the best and brightest talent long into the future. In 2009, new initiatives were launched to revitalize the centre of the city, and thus the King Street area has been revamped, making it an even more alluring area for pedestrians and city dwellers. If you are relocating to Ontario, Kitchener will make a beautiful place to call home.

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