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Living In Waterloo Ontario? Visit a Haunted House This Halloween

Halloween is round the corner and very many people are excited about getting the scariest Halloween costume ever. For those living in Waterloo Ontario there is another way for you to make this Halloween memorable; why not take your family and friends to a haunted house near you? There are many haunted houses in nearly every city in Ontario and nearly all of them are family-friendly, meaning you can go there safe in the knowledge that your young kids won’t be exposed to anything that isn’t age-appropriate. Why Haunted Houses and not Haunted Homes or Haunted Yards? This post is drawing your attention to haunted houses for a number of reasons. First, haunted houses are professionally managed and you can be sure that whether you are visiting during the day or at night, there will be nothing to compromise the safety of your family and friends. Haunted homes and yards may not measure up to same standards of security as haunted houses. The second reason why haunted houses will give you the best experience is that haunted houses have been specifically set up to scare! Whether you are walking through a tunnel or you take a hayride, you will experience an adrenaline rush that will make the experience memorable. Owners of haunted homes may not have the same expertise or resources to set up the place in such a way that it will thrill you (in a scary way!) when you visit. If you are living in Waterloo Ontario or in any of the surrounding cities, the following suggestions may be of great help in pointing you to a nearby haunted house. In Elora Recently named one of the 15 Best Ways to Celebrate Autumn, The Elora Halloween Scare Fair at the Elora Center for the Arts on Melville Street will give you an unforgettable Halloween experience. From the Elora Monster March parade to the haunted house; from the graveyard to the puppet show, there is usually a lot to thrill kid and adult alike. In Kitchener Fear Farm, sitting on 100 acres, has all the space to fully bring out the Halloween fear factor in you. Their biggest attraction is the haunted hayride and you will quickly understand why it enthralls all visitors when you get there! Giving Fear Farm a run for its money in the Kitchener area is Bingemans Scream Park. It is located at 425 Bingemans Center Drive. It has three themed haunted houses that will chill your spine as you take a walk through them. In all the places above, there is lots of food, fun activities and even performances to remind you that living in Waterloo Ontario or the surrounding areas is such a unique experience. Summing it up… You should strive to make each Halloween that finds you living in Waterloo Ontario as memorable as possible. Visiting a haunted house this year may just be the thing that provides you with all the scary fun to make your day. And remember, there is always life of information to guide you on how you can enjoy the different events or aspects of life in Waterloo.

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