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Ten VERY COOL Waterloo Startups

Waterloo Ontario is a city with great career potential.  Not only is it serving as a home to many long-established companies, it has also welcomed many start-ups in recent years.  Below is a list of 10 notable Waterloo startups that will make you proud to call Waterloo home (or simply watch the slideshow above).

Itinere is transforming the average train ride.  In a day and age where communication and connection are essential, it is important for train companies to provide safe, secure internet and entertainment to passengers.  Itinere is delivering this in a revolutionary manner, which ultimately makes your train trip feel shorter than ever before.

Aeryon Labs Making a big splash in and around Waterloo, this start-up is certainly looking to the future.  Unmanned drones have made headlines for quite some time now, but in order to do the incredible things that make them headline-worthy, a brilliant team is needed to engineer them.  Aeryon is serving the military, commercial companies, and public safety teams with easy-to-operate flying drones.  You can visit this local company at 575 Kumpf Drive, Waterloo.

Vidyard Vidyard allows a company to study how viewers watch the brand’s online videos, and how to convert those viewers into  warm sales leads. Where Youtube only tells you how many views you’ve had, Vidyard tells you how much of the video they watched, when they bounced and how many viewers converted.

Symple ID Forgot your password?  Again?  This can be a very annoying experience, and a time 4.-consuming one at that.  Fortunately, users today can rely on Symple ID, which is a tap-to-pay-like service, except that the tap isn’t meant to transfer money, only to get you logged into your banking website, social media account, or other password-protected account. Symple ID is centered right here in Waterloo on Charles Street West.

TagTalk The traditional greeting card is nice, but it isn’t overly personal.  TagTalk is changing that.  Their tags are outfitted with barcodes that can be scanned with smartphones to deliver a personalized video message.  Find them at 7-28 Mansion Street.

Curbit makes a college student’s life a little simpler, bringing the things they need right to their computer screen.  This classified advertisement website is directed at the young learners, so they can sell, buy, or trade for the things that they need more.  This website includes housing, furniture, and even textbooks.  The company’s headquarters can be found at 151 Charles Street, Waterloo.

Open Avenue Speaking of housing, Open Avenue is revolutionizing the real estate investment game.  No longer does one have to be topping the financial ladder to buy investment-grade property because Open Avenue allows everyday people to buy real estate shares, which will undoubtedly broaden many financial portfolios.  Find them in Unit A, at 170 Victoria Street South.

Kreyonic Kids love technology.  Parents want kids to know what it is like to play with physical toys that demand imagination.  So why not combine both?  That is exactly what Kreyonic has done.  Smart plush toys interact with tablet apps, but can also be held, loved, and played with like traditional stuffed animals.  The best part is that the digital content is educational in nature.

Rose Athena brings fashion to your fingertips.  The hottest trends are easily scoured on the user-friendly website, which allows customers to personalize their clothing selections for a perfect fit and a stunning look every time.  These are hand-crafted garments that are delivered straight to the user’s doorstep.

Neverfrost is another wonderful Waterloo start-up that promises to solve one of the biggest problems that local residents face – the need to scrape windshields every winter morning.  Nanotechnology is used to create anti-frost coatings to be applied to windshields and windows.  You can visit this revolutionary company at 200 University Avenue West, in Waterloo.

These start ups are another great reason that you’ll be proud to call Waterloo Ontario your home.

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