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Video Tour of Clair Hills

On the west end of Waterloo is a subdivision of newer homes called Clair Hills. The farther you go into the division, the larger the homes get. This is especially true as you enter Rosewood Estates. These homes enjoy a gorgeous backdrop, which happens to be one of Waterloo’s best kept secrets: the Clair Forest. With over five kilometers of walking trails amid dense woods of 30-foot tall trees, Clair Forest is both beautiful and peaceful. You can often walk those trails without encountering another human being.

The houses found in this welcoming subdivision range from small bungalows to large executive homes, most of which were built within the past eight years. These properties are ideal for those who want beauty without the pressures of maintaining vast landscapes. The lots are small and the neighbourhoods provide an attractive air of intimacy. For those prepared to emigrate to Canada, at Clair Hills you will get a new home with many modern features.

With the development of the huge shopping center and Cineplex, the Boardwalk, the west end has become a lot more appealing to people seeking housing in Waterloo. Restaurants and entertainment are abundant, Blackberry offices on Columbia Avenue are ten minutes away, and the area is populated with young, active families.

There are several schools in Waterloo, Canada. Children in Clair Hills attend either St. Nicholas Catholic School (JK-8) or Edna Staebler Elementary School (JK-6).

Clair Hills teens are bussed to either Sir John A MacDonald Secondary School or Resurrection Catholic Secondary School.

Waterloo residents who enjoy active lifestyles and who appreciate the great outdoors will find just what they are looking for in Clair Hills. Nature trails are abundant, as are tennis courts, basketball courts and outdoor skating rinks.

The Clair Hills Neighbourhood Association sponsors multiple events throughout the year to foster friendship and community among its residents. The events include a Fall Funfest; an annual, community-wide Spring Cleaning; and a community-wide yard sale.

Clair Hills Street View

Clair Hills Neighborhood Schools

Clair Hills Schools

Ranking School Academic Score Language Onsite Childcare Grades
6 out of 27 St. Nicholas Catholic School 7.9 English Yes JK-8
21 out of 27 Edna Staebler Elementary School 6.3 English with French Immersion No JK-8

High Schools

Ranking Name of School Academic Score Grades
2 out of 6 Sir John Donald Secondary School 7.5 9-12
5 out of 6 Resurrection (Kitchener, ON) 6.5 9-12

Source: The Fraser Institute. Click here to visit their website.


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