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Video Tour of Eastbridge

In the northeast  corner of Waterloo, Ontario, is a neighbourhood on the Grand River called Eastbridge. It offers plenty of activity for every resident. Bordering the city limits,Eastbridge feels somewhat detached from the commotion of the city, yet it is still closely connected. That puts childcare facilities, Waterloo social services, and restaurants in Waterloo within easy reach.

RIM Park is in Eastbridge, a state-of-the-art indoor recreation facility that includes four skating rinks, two soccer fields, and two basketball courts. Also in Eastbridge is the Grey Silo Golf Course, offering 18 holes right in Waterloo. There’s also plenty of outdoor activities, including baseball diamonds, soccer fields and walking trails.

The homes of Eastbridge are fairly new, offering modern amenities. The lots are small, so if you’re not a fan of yard work, this might be the perfect neighbourhood for you. Additionally, Eastbridge still has reasonable access to the expressway, as well as the shops and restaurants in and around Conestoga Mall.  Residents support their community with an active neighbourhood association. Activities range from Halloween parties to holiday tree lighting to community garage sales.

Eastbridge has two public schools within its boundaries.

  1. Millen Woods Public School, which is the newest school in Waterloo and offers grades 1-6 French immersion.
  2. Lester B. Pearson Public School offers grades 1-6 French immersion.

High school students are bussed to Bluevale Collegiate Institute. Catholic students in grades K-8 and living in Eastbridge attend St. Luke Catholic School before attending St. David’s Catholic Secondary School.

Eastbridge Street View

Eastbridge Neighborhood Schools

Eastbridge Schools

Ranking School Academic Score Language Onsite Childcare Grades
12 out of 27 Lester B. Pearson Public School 7.3 English with French Immersion Yes JK-8
15 out of 27 St. Luke Catholic School 6.9 English No JK-6
20 out of 27 Millen Woods Public School (Kitchener, ON) 6.5 English with French Immersion No JK-6

High Schools

Ranking Name of School Academic Score Grades
1 out of 6 Bluevale Collegiate Institute 7.8 9-12
4 out of 6 St. David Catholic Secondary School 6.7 9-12

Source: The Fraser Institute. Click here to visit their website.


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