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Video Tour of Lakeshore

One of Waterloo’s largest neighbourhoods is Lakeshore. This beautiful area is in close proximity to the university schools in Waterloo, Ontario, making it popular with students and young families alike. Lakeshore has a wide range of housing options available, from semi-detached homes and townhouses to spacious single-family homes.

Lakeshore is centrally located in Waterloo, with easy access to Uptown Waterloo and the expressway. The homes in Lakeshore are older homes, but the streets are wide and lined with tall trees. There’s plenty of outdoor activities happening in Lakeshore, with numerous parks and walking trails to explore. Lakeshore is also home to the City of Waterloo’s Albert McCormack Arena, offering indoor skating, hockey and Lacrosse.

There is no shortage of schools in Waterloo, Ontario, nor are they scarce in Lakeshore, where five schools exist within the neighbourhoods’ boundaries.

  1. N.A. MacEeachern Public School
  2. Cedarbrae Public School
  3. Winston Churchill Public School
  4. Sir Edgar Bauer Catholic School
  5. St. David Catholic Secondary School

Lakeshore Street View

Lakeshore Neighborhood Schools

Lakeshore Schools

Ranking School Academic Score Language Onsite Childcare Grades
17 out of 27 N.A. MacEachern Public School 6.8 English with French Immersion No JK-6
22 out of 27 Sir Edgar Bauer Public School 5.9 English Yes JK-8
23 out of 27 Winston Churchill Public School 5.9 English No JK-6
26 out of 27 Cedarbrae Public School 5.2 English No JK-6

High Schools

Ranking Name of School Academic Score Grades
3 out of 6 Waterloo Collegiate Institute 7.2 9-12
4 out of 6 St. David Catholic Secondary School 6.7 9-12

Source: The Fraser Institute. Click here to visit their website.


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