Waterloo Restaurants

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Waterloo’s restaurant scene has something for every taste and budget. Whether you’re hankering for meatloaf and mashed, or a two hour, five course dinner, Waterloo Ontario offers what you desire.

Waterloo pleases local and visitors alike with everything from trendy urban eateries to colorful food trucks at the curb. Variety is everything, and you’ll find authentic Italian, Indian, Japanese, Southern BBQ and Chinese restaurants to choose from.

Whether you’re a beer enthusiast or not, don’t miss our local micro brewery scene. Waterloo has spirits burned into its DNA code, with the legendary Seagrams distillery being founded here. There’s plenty of local brews for you to sample, especially while you explore our active and lively local pubs.

Surrounded by some of the most vibrant farm land in Canada, our local meats, cheeses, produce and wine are the star features of Waterloo’s most popular eateries. Many local chefs work closely with local growers, bringing the best and freshest ingredients to their menus. So if you hear a server ask if you’d like to order a slice of strawberry pie for dessert, followed with: “The pie was baked this morning with strawberries from Herrle’s Farm,” do yourself a favor and say yes.

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