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University of Waterloo, Wilfred Laurier University

Every September, Waterloo Ontario roars to life with the insurgence of some 30,000 university students who will call Waterloo home during the academic year. Why Waterloo? Two main reasons: the University of Waterloo and Wilfred Laurier University.

The University of Waterloo is world renowned as a leader in engineering education. It’s no coincidence that businesses like Google, Blackberry, and Open Text have offices here, all eager to discover and recruit the engineering talent emerging from the University of Waterloo. But UW’s academic innovations extend to other fields like quantum computing, optometry, environmental studies and clinical psychology.

Roughly half the size of its next door neighbor (the University of Waterloo), Wilfred Laurier boasts several academic accomplishments of its own. Ranked #2 in Canada for graduates obtaining employment in finance, Laurier also boasts a Faculty of Music that is world renowned. Laurier’s co-op program is the largest Canada, with placements at firms like Goldman Sachs and UBS Securities available to students.

As Waterloo continues to flourish as the ‘Silicon Valley of the North’, we have these universities, their faculties and their students to thank for attracting employers from around the globe to our region.

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